Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Done!!!!!!

It's finally done. All the packing up of my son's left-behind stuff, the moving, the painting, the putting-together-Jet cubes, the arranging, it is all done. Finally!! I think I started this project about a month or more ago. I did find lots of items for my room in the green color. After removing the stars and the planets wallpaper borders, I painted the walls in Chilled Mint green over the blue walls of my son's old bedroom. (He graduated college and decided he wasn't moving back home.) The light gray carpet stayed. I packed up a bunch of his stuff and it half-fills the closet. I had some JetMax cubes but I bought several more. Fortunately, Michael's had them on sale lately. I thought I was done with getting them but my hubby suggested the last row since it was dead space without them. : )  

Paper in most of the shelves but a few has paper protectors and Cricut mats. The little mutli-colored stand has stamps and the big green cloth bin has small punches in it. The ribbon and button containers on the top are from hubby's office where they eat lots of pretzels. The bins have stickers, brads, adhesives, rubons and more. I will need to make little tags for everything at some point.

The bookcase has much of the cardstock paper for cardmaking and odd size envelopes. the table is one I had in the basement and carried up. I found the bright tablecloth in Walmart's summer clearance and the green desk chair was in their back-to-school selection. My hubby requested a visitor's chair so he could sit for a bit with me so I brought the white chair up from the basement too. 

The two chests of drawers have 8x8 and 6x6 paper in them plus photos and a few odds and ends. My son even left the stereo so I have music in the room. Of course, he has an ipod but I'm going old-fashioned. My dad built the little shelf unit that I put my Cuttlebug and DreamCutz on. My son's Lego Yoda was too fragile to store so I left him on the corner stand. He's green so he fits the decor. Maybe he will impart great wisdom to me as I craft or he'll just wisely strare at me.

This view looks out into the hallway. Another of my dad's little shelf unit has the Cinch on it. A bookcase of my books about scrapbooking and cardmaking is next to it. 

I cut out the Cricut saying from the

Cricut Lite Cartridge Lovely Floral cartridge

 and stuck it on the wall. It has little yellow stars on it and stickles.

Wreath of green flowers was found at Meijer's and I added the ribbon bow and the metal fairy from Joann's to it.

The little Winnie the Pooh with the honey tree was a item I found at Hobby Lobby. HL called it a table top bird feeder. Hmm, no. It is now a treat jar. Hey, you have to have treats when you craft, right. I'll probably put some mints in it. My hubby said I needed a phone in the room but I couldn't have a TV. (No cable connection in the room anyway.) I have a few more odds and ends to carry up to my new room and find a space for but I'm done!! Hubby thinks that the other room (the tiny den) with scrapbook stuff is going to fit in the new room but hmm, no, it's not. Some of those items might find their way to a donation box to Children's Hospital (if they are still making scrapbooks with the kids). Hey, I got stuff out of 3 rooms into one room.
 I'm doing good!!

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