Thursday, May 2, 2013

Archiver's Memory Lab and Achiver's Chapter 11

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Ok, last Friday's ScrapMania, I tried the new Memory Lab. You have to set up a free account with the Memory Lab to be able to print photos. I had an email that gave me some money off my photos for trying the new Lab. I had my camera and its memory card so I easily upload some photos to view before ordering. I had selected the photos I wanted to order but I had neglected to select the quantity of the photos. So I had to select the photos again, adding the quantity this time. I didn't realize that I could choose matte or glossy so my photos were matte. The Archiver's clerk was too busy to help me with the whole process of getting to know the new lab. It is similar to the Kodak or Sony kiosks but slightly different.  But once I had placed the order, she quickly processed my order. The lab was a computer setup with several options of linking various memory cards to the computer and very similar to ordering online with Shutterfly or Walgreen's.

Here's Archiver's price list for photos. They can do scrapbook pages, cards, and calendars and more as they add more products to the Memory Lab. The photo list is below. I think the prices are about the same as going to Walgreen's or Shutterfly before their coupons and sales. Archiver's prices will be high if they don't have a coupon or percentage off. The Memory Lab will be OK for me when I need one or two photos as I'm creating a layout but I'm not sure I would use it for lots of photos. Walgreen's will still get most of my quick-need photos and Shutterfly will be my go-to online developer when I have lots and lots of vacation photos to print. The price list is longer than shown here but it included pricing for other items that I don't need right now so I didn't add the other pricing.

The Memory Lab printed the photos nicely. They felt differently than other photos - smoother. The colors were good but maybe could have been a bit sharper. The Lab didn't add any marking to the back of the picture, which I do like. The Lab might have an option to do that but I didn't think of when I did my first order.

Standard Prints
4x6 Matte
4x6 Glossy
5x7 Matte
5x7 Glossy
6x8 Matte
6x8 Glossy
Square Prints
4x4 Print
8x8 Print
12x12 Print
8.5x11 Print
8x10 Print
11x14 Print
12x18 Print
13x19 Print


 Archiver's Chapter 11

Here's part of an email from Archiver's. They are going through Chapter 11. I guess that is why they had been closing several stores this first part of the year. The Easton store where I scrap at Table 7 is doing well and Archiver's main office is working to fix its finances. I do hope that Archiver's will make good changes. Most of the LSS had gone out of business and I personally think that it is due to the big box stores and Archiver's. Joann's and Michael's have increased their scrapbook/paper crafts aisles and have coupons all the time. Hopefully, Archiver's can develop a competitive coupon policy and maybe more/better sales. I have noticed more sales - they have this weekend where you buy any patterned paper sheet and get one sheet free. I will be missing that sale this weekend due to some family fun.

Well, thanks for listening to my opinions and reviews. Go try the Memory Lab. Explore it before you really need to order photos.


Yeah!! A new book!


I ordered Joanna Campbell Sloan's new book from and it arrived yesterday!! Yeah!!
This is the sixth book in the Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-N-Craft series. Kiki works in a scrapbook store so
 the books have scrapbook tips in them. The cozy mysteries are filled with fun characters, quick action,
 and surprises. In this book, Kiki is having a baby with her friend Detective Detweiler. Detweiler's crazy ex-wife is found killed with Detweiler's gun to add the mystery to the book.

 I can't wait to get started on it!!

The other books in the series are:

Paper, Scissors, Death (Book #1)
Cut, Crop & Die (Book #2)
Photo, Snap, Shot (Book #3)
Make, Take, Murder  (Book #4)
Ready, Scrap, Shoot  (Book #5)

There are several Short Stories too that are available on Kindle but I don't have one of those.

"Sew" Cute by Archiver's

Winner, Winner!

So, there were three of us at Table 7 last week. I had purchased the "Sew Cute" card kit before the ScrapMania started. But then, my girlfriend won the card kit during the prizes. So, she was so nice to me and gave it to me so I could make the cards and share with her. Win, Win!!

The kit had 4 Tim Holtz mini stamps (dress form, sewing machine, scissors, spool of thread), 
a 6x6" paper stack Collectable Unforgettable pad by 
My Mind's Eye, 3 sheets of cardstock, teal metals, and yellow string. 
The instructions were for making  3x3" cards and using the rest of the paper for envelopes.
 3x3" cards are too small for me so I used the instruction's cards as sketches and made regular A2 cards. 

Here's the stack of cards I created. I made 26 cards out of the pad of paper!! I used most of the yellow string and teal metals. I did add a bit of Maya Road ribbon that looks like measuring tape. The stamp set in the kit didn't have any sentiments so I will go back and add a small sentiment. I'll give my girlfriends a few of these and send a few to OWH. I didn't make any envelopes for these cards as they'll fit in A2 envelopes.

Since my girlfriend won this set, I exchanged my card kit for the other one I wanted - 
Vintage Camera card Kit. 
I'm planning to make that kit this weekend so I'll post the cards next week. 
I'll give her some of the camera ones too!!

Thanks for stopping by.