Saturday, December 31, 2011

5 things for Scrapbooking

Five things I need to scrapbook:

1. My new Cricut Expression 2

2. Lots of Chocolates - any kind is wonderful.

3. New tools like a good Fiskars punch.

4. My trusty Point and Shot Camera with good batteries and a empty memory card

5. Good friends to share a scrapbook evening with as symbolized by the mug I got for Christmas. 

I am ready for the New Year. Bring it on, 2012!!

Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

A few cards

Here's my Christmas card. The papers and flowers were different as I made more. Inside it says "Scrabbling to wish you a Merry Christmas".  My siblings and I play lots of Scrabble on Facebook.

I got this cute bear from as a free digi stamp. I went simple on the card, using a sticker and some punched hearts. I did a version for my thank you notes for my Christmas presents. Yup, I actually used some of my own cards. I can make lots of cards but tend to forget to send them out to my family. 

Here's a card that I forgot to post when I made it. I used the Cuttlebug's Swiss Dots embossing folder, a Fiskars border punch, and a sticker from Michael's clearance aisle. The stamp is popped up. I did ink the edges of the purple paper.

Sandy's version for Treat Boxes

Sandy’s version of Treat box, using 10 ½ x 6”double sided paper. Make sure your paper is aligned properly so when the cuff is formed, any writing or design is not upside down. Black lines show the size to cut out. Soft gray lines are score and fold lines, at the indicated measurements on template. Red Lines are cut lines. At the top of the paper, fold down 1” so the other side of paper shows, forming a cuff. Slide one side cuff under the other one before you glue along the side as indicated, form the box at the scored lines. Fold up the small cut flaps, then glue the large cut flaps on the small ones. Embellish box as desired and fill with small treats. I did Halloween boxes but you can use any double-sided paper for your own occasion.

Here's the instructions as we made them at the store where I do my cropping.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small Business Saturday


Another day of shopping. It is Small Business Saturday and I'm still at my sister's house. We went into town to Joann's for the Saturday's doorbusters, where I got one of the last 2 new Expression 2. Hubby not so thrilled about it but it was a good deal and I think I can sell my old Expression to help fund the new purchase. After Joann's, we traveled to Sister's favorite quilt fabric store and she purchased a new tool for her quiltmaking. A couple of friends were helping the shopkeeper and we chatted for a while. I love the quilt shop and I have made a few quilts and Sister has 3 quilts for me to do. But I'm really a scrapbooker and cardmaker. I can't afford another hobby now. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the town's only  LSS as it is across town near the mall which made it so hard to get to the LSS. I'll visit the 2 LSS in my area while hubby is busy this week with work. : )  I'm done shopping for my scrapbook projects so I need to get started on the family presents. I have lots of new paper and carts to make several projects. Plus I must finish my Christmas card idea and get the cards done.

My niece came for dinner and the rivalry game of the family today. She had a big box of scrapbook supplies she had purged from her stash that she wanted me to look at for goodies I might need. I took the pet stickers for the second graders' cardmaking and also took the wedding stuff for my friend's daughter's upcoming wedding album. Niece had lots of sheets of letters and a big baggy of chip board shapes and letters but I have lots of that myself. She was going to the rest of the scrapbooking supplies to a local girls' club for an afternoon meeting.

                 On another note, I WON!! I won a free stamp from Riley and Company their new winter set blog hop.
 I won at Joy had some really cute ideas and projects. 
I picked Riley and Percy dancing in the snow. 
Can't wait for the stamp to arrive!

Using Skype tonight for the first time talking to my son and my little sister. That was fun to use and easy. Now I need to add my brothers so I chat with them too.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Shopping 2011

I went Black Friday shopping with my sister and my hubby. We went to Joann's, Michael's, and Bob Evans. We did go to Michael's last night and got several carts plus a free Julibee cart. I got 2 carts for a friend and 3-4 for me. One or 2 more would have jumped in the cart but hubby was watching!

At Joann's, this morning, I got two more carts and the ArtBin for the carts (free with rebate). At Joann's, I picked up Graphically Speaking and  Straight from the Nest. These 2 are older carts but I thought they were cute. The rebate for the ArtBin container asked for the original receipt, and the UPC from the 2 carts and the container, which seemed like a lot of work. But the box will be free after the rebate. The container will be good to take carts to crop that my friends can use while I have them loaded on my Gypsy.


          Cricut Straight from the Nest Shape Cartridge

This morning, we went back to Michaels to get a baby bug for the little sister's niece. We  even got the baby bug shipped to her on the home. Personal shopper and personal shipper.

 I ordered the Cricut plushie from . I had been wanting one but they were out of stock for a while then I had to wait for a sale. Anyway, I finally got a plushie on my way!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Riley and company Winter Set 2011

You have to check out this new set of Riley and company!! There are 17 new stamps plus 2 word sets!! They are so cute. Riley is ice fishing and dancing in the snow with his penguin friend Percy. Riley and Sophie are a cute gingerbread couple. The blog hop for the new set starts at . IF you comment on each designer's blog, you are entered to win a prize from Riley. So many lovely cards and ideas!! I do hope that I can send my Santa to Riley's new set for some Christmas ideas. I will have to order some stamps quickly for my 2011 Christmas cards. They didn't have any of these new stamps last weekend at the Toledo MiniMeet on Sat. : (


To see the new set, click on  and go to winter 2011 set at the bottom of the stamp list. They have a special on shipping till Sunday so check that out too.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MiniMeet at Toledo

A couple of friends and I went to Toledo for the Great Lakes Mini Meet on Sat. Nov. 19, 2011. It was smaller than the Expo in Columbus in March but several of the same booths were at Toledo as at Columbus. It was nice to have the place practically to ourselves. We could take our time to look at everything. We even sat down and did a Make and Take - a 6x6 page at the Stamping Up booth. We had a bit of trouble getting a parking place due the Toledo Christmas Parade was going on. It was nice to have a package/coat check, which was a Boy Scout fundraiser. It was a fun day! We bought the MuddPuddles, which is like sand when it dries and which comes in several colors. Check it out on I also purchased a new Cricut cart - Creative Memories Tis the Season. It has lots of cute designs and I can't wait till Wed. when I can cut some of them on my Cricut. The Creative Memories carts were the only Cricut items at the MiniMeet. There were lots of overlays and paper kits for sale.The Paper Alice was fun to watch as she made her own paper but I don't think I could give that much time to another craft. Scrap Happy had lots of wooden stamps 50% off and a new product line from We R Memory Keepers - their Sew Ribbon tools and ribbons. I also got a few new Riley the Moose stamps and they are doing a new release soon! We had fun, shopping, chatting, looking.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A New Cart had a sale lately and I had to buy this cart. I have been eying it but it has been on eBay for way too much money. had it for under $35, which is too much for a solutions cart like this. But it was still so much cheaper than on eBay. A couple days, I looked at the site and the pink journey cart was out of stock!!

 I will need to take it to school one day soon to cut several items for the classes raising money for the James Cancer Center. I won't be able to use the cart till later for Breast Cancer Awareness. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Cricut: The Official Blog

I love this blinkie but I can't get
it to the side of my blog on Blogger.
Anyone know how to do that?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some More New Carts

I walked around Walmart the other day and found these 2 Lites on sale.

I didn't have a baby girl cart so I picked up Sugar and Spice.  I loaded it tonight on my Gypsy and designed the sock monkey for a set of cards. Hopefully, I'll get those cut out on at Friday night's
 Table 7.

I also picked up the Block Party. It has a cute dog and cat that I designed on my Gypsy. The second graders make and sell cards to raise money for local shelter. I will donate the dog and cat die cuts.
I want to get some other items cut out too from this cart. I need to cut the grill for the annual tailgate at the family rivalry football game along with the the hot dog, burgers and other foods. The Walmart didn't have the fast food cart so I think this one will be good for food items.

Speaking of Walmart, have you noticed at not all the Walmarts are carrying the Lite carts anymore?? I think that is a bit ironic since Walmart is the only retailer  carrying the Lite carts. It has been hit or miss which Walmart has carts and which don't. I did see some old full-content carts at Walmarts that they have been trying to sell since forever. Jasmine, etc. The old carts are on clearance but still more than the Lites.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Doing something new for me - Art Display Trays

I made an art display tray for my older son. Archiver's has had these displayed and a contest using them and I finally decided to do one. My scrapbook friend was doing 4 of the white trays for Christmas presents.

 I had taken our dog for a modeling job and got a few of the professionally taken photos. I used the  black 7 Gypsies tray with the multi-sized openings.  I had a bunch of dog-theme embellishments from different places. The dog bone ribbon around the edge and the paw print ribbon are both from Hobby Lobby. I used the professionally taken photos and other snapshots in the tray. The tray was to be a surprise for my son at Christmas but he surprised me by coming home for my birthday and saw me making the tray. He liked it so much that it immediately went in his car to go back to his apt. I barely got any pictures of it.

After I got the first one done, I started a second tray using a different brand. This one has my younger son's kitties he and his girlfriend raised over the summer. I got a bit too much bling on it so I gave it to his girlfriend for her birthday. This tray was by KaiserCraft - Beyond the Page: 12 Frame Photo Display, made of unfinished press boards. I should have painted this frame before using it as the press boards was itchy to work with it. It actually comes in two pieces so you can put the paper under the frame but the tray is a bit bigger than 12" so plan accordingly.

The last thing I did with the professional photos was a frame I had bought at Michael's. The glass got broken as the frame traveled around in the back of my car with my scrapbook supplies. I used Jolee's stickers, dog bone brads, and other doggie embellishments along with the dog bone ribbon from Hobby Lobby on the mat.

Monday, October 17, 2011

I was busy at my dad's house as he had his cataracts removed. 
I was the eye drop administer for most of 2 weeks. It was fun being home for awhile. Unfortunately, he has no Internet hookup - shoot, he doesn't even have a computer. But now I'm back at my own home and I have been keeping my computer busy.

Ok, this new cart, Kate's ABC, jumped into my shopping cart as I wandered around Joann's this evening. I think it is pretty cute although I have no girls to scrapbook for. I wanted Nate's ABC too but it wasn't at Joann's. Maybe Michaels will have it 
if I go tomorrow. 

I got a few older carts from Menards a few weeks ago. 
They had the carts for only $14.99!!! My hubby actually had gone to Menards and saw them, and called me to ask which ones I wanted. I got  A Child's Year, Tie the Knot, and Stretch Your Imagination at Menards. I had gotten Preserves but
 I had it so I gave it to a friend.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Cricut Lite cartridges

I treated my college kid, his girlfriend, and his roommate to dinner last night at Red Lobster. Yum! Endless shrimp was great!! Of course, after dinner, I offered to take them to WalMart to get a few groceries and stuff. My son bought a desk chair like my green one in my scraproom but his is red - school colors. I found a couple of things for the shopping cart too. I got 2 new Cricut Lite cartridges - Yee-haw and Love You a Latte. I used my Michael's ad to save $9 on each cart as Michael's has carts on sale this week for $29.99 and WalMart sells theirs for $39.00.
 My Michael's is very slow to get anything new and my WalMart is resetting its scrapbook area again. I was surprised that WalMart wanted the Lite carts because their scrapbook area keeps going smaller and smaller.

YeeHaw just looked fun!! I will HAVE to make some cards for one of my principal as she enjoys saying YeeHaw and Hey, Cowboys and Cowgirls! It is pretty cute.
 I love the barn and the horses on this cart.
 I got home late  last night due to the nighttime road work going on and taking up 2 lanes out of 3. So I don't have the carts uploaded to my Gypsy yet.

I don't drink coffee and couldn't make a cup if I had to. But this was another cart I felt I needed. My girlfriend loves coffee so I'll get some cards made for her  for Christmas. And I'll make my sisters some cards with the tea sayings. Again I just thought the cart looked cute.

 Hopefully the Lites will be easy to assemble. Some of the Lite carts have lots of layers. I do really like the Billionaire and Cherry Limeade fonts.  I have good luck with Billionaire font  welding on my Gypsy.

There is one or 2 new Lites that I am still thinking of getting at some point. Recess would be great for some of my bulletin boards at school.  And I just saw a Cricut contest for the classroom. I'll have to find the rules for that. YeeHaw, that's all for today. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

OWH Virtual Cardmaking Party Sept. 11, 2011

 Yee Haw!! It's time for another OWH Virtual Cardmaking Party! I didn't do many on Sat. but I got several challenges done today since the Hubby was gone on a business trip. He had to travel to CA and didn't want to travel on 9.11.11. However, I did remember to call my Dad, whose birthday was today on 9.11.11. He said he didn't get a birthday card yet. Hmmm, I can make lovely cards. I can make lots of cards. However, I can't seem to remember to send my family's birthday and anniversary cards out on time!!

On with the Challenges of the weekend!

Challenge #1 was Garanimals. ( Do they still make Garanimals??) Challenge was to use an animal on a kid's card. I had some tiger paper, which was double sided with the tiger stripes on one side and the the other side had the rows of stripes with rows of tigers. I had several different tiger stamps as my kiddo #2's college are the Fighting Tigers.
 The first tiger looked too serious for a kid's card so I made another card just using a different happier tiger. I almost put this one in Dixie's non traditional Valentine card Challenge.

The second challenge was Celebrate Nature and I had just found this digi flower. Since I have my new scraproom, I could find some purple papers to use. They had been hiding in the stash for a bit. I colored the 
digi stamp using colored pencils. I did the iris in several different colors but they didn't work with the purple theme here. I had a bunch of purple brads (3 packages from Joann's - they had been marked down to 50 cents/package) so I wanted to use them on these purple papers.

Challenge #3 was Unique Christmas, using non-traditional colors for a Christmas card. Pink and Lime green are not a usual Christmas color combination but again I found the Heidi Grace glittery/shimmery gingerbread on pink and the striped papers in the stash. The green scalloped ribbon is a velvety one while the pink ribbon is Michael's 3/$1 on sale ribbon.

Challenge #4 is one I didn't get done. I picked sketch #76 and have something in mind for it but it didn't make it to the mat yet. 

Falling for You was Challenge #5 . You had to use the phase "Falling for You" on  the card. I used my favorite fall stamp, the tree with the leaves falling. I matted it on a copper shiny paper which didn't scan as copper. The stitches are from the ribbon stash and had its own adhesive on them. The stitches reminds of the sweater we start pulling out of the closets as the weather starts to cool. The cream strip is the edge of some paper that you usually trim off. 

Challenge #6 was A Piece of Birthday, designing a masculine card. Yee Haw, I had cowboys stickers and found a free font for the sentiment. But Oops, I didn't use any paper piecing in it. 
I want to make some more of these, but not birthday, for my principal, who says Yee Haw a lot during announcements to get the students fired up for upcoming events.

An non-traditional Valentine was Challenge #7. Not sure I really hit this one but I liked it. It has silver paper, which didn't scan well like the copper paper, silver hearts, silver-embossed sentiments, and two silver containing papers as the stripes. It's on a soft dove gray card. Hopefully, my shipper Dixie will like it when it finally arrives in a box at her house.

Challenge #8 was another one I didn't complete. It was Take the Scenic Route, using your stamps to make a scene. Definitely one I need lots of thought for but no time.

Challenge #9 is another sketch that I didn't have to do. I don't use sketches very often and never quite sure about them. However I need to use sketches some time soon as my card today are very similar in format but all the papers and other items are different.

Challenge #10- Autumn Patriot required 4 fall colors and I didn't seem to have the right colors for this challenge. I loved the colors in the Challenge and how they blended together nicely. 

Challenge #11 was to create a CAS card. Clean and Simple. Maybe my Snoopy card will fit the bill on this one. I had the Snoopy embossed in black on white paper for a while but he got lost in my supplies. After the organization of my new scraproom, I found him again!! The paper looks like old letters and I think it is from the DCWV World Traveler stack, one stack I have almost used all the papers. Snoopy is on a bit of red cardstock, some felt star ribbon, and then a scrap piece of black. I penned a stitch line on the black and the old letters papers. I went a bit crazy one day embossing this Snoopy so I'll be making lots of these this week. I thought I would use a few of them for Any Hero cards so I didn't put a sentiment on them. If I make them cards for the soldiers to send, I'll stamp a Missing You on the bottom corner.

Challenge #12 was Daddy's Child, a card a Daddy could send to home to his kiddo. I have boys, though they are college kiddos, so I did a truck theme. The striped paper is from American Crafts travel pack. The trucks were a 8 1/2" x 11" paper on clearance at Hobby Lobby and I cut the cute vehicles apart to fit the card. I inked the edges in blues because boys are messy. : )

Gimme an O, Gimme a W, Gimme an H!!!
Go, OWH!!!
Challenge #13 was a bit of fun, thinking of items that start with an O, a W, and an H. The thinking part was hard on a weekend!! Anyway, I created 2 cards, using a fall theme with the required letters. 
In my cards, O is for orange
W is for the white strip (and the word Where in the sentiment)
H is for home, heart, and harvest.

 Cold Temperatures, Warm Hearts was Challenge #14, in which I used a cute digi snowman and a sizzit cutout. It is Joy, instead of love.

 Black and White with a Splash of Color was Challenge #15 and Michelle's Sesame Street characters were so cute!! I had just the right size scraps for this card, amazingly, a piece of  black and a square of black with white polka dots!! I added the red ribbon and punched scalloped circles for the little cloth ladybug and the tiny sentiment. I had to add the white button that had appeared on my craft table.

Challenge #16 was an opportunity for me as it was 1 + 1+ 1 = Fun. You had to use a button, a chipboard, and a tag. A package of chipboard items and another of buttons had been in one of my crop bags I cleaned out yesterday and I hadn't put the items away yet when this Challenge was posted. I don't usually use tags and rarely use chipboard, though I have a bin of it!! The tiny  bird was part of a Michael's $1 stamp that just fit the hole of this chipboard birdhouse. I colored the bird yellow so it would show up in the hole. More pink and lime green ribbon, a tiny sentiment, tiny buttons (which appeared on the table) and a long scrap. A bit of inking on the tag and base. A quick card. 

OK, it has been a great day of Challenges to make cards for OWH!!
 It is very late so I need to log off. 

Thanks for the fun day, OWH!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

One last picture.

Another view of my crafting table and the shelf unit with cardmaking paper. This will be the last time it will be so clean for a bit while I get busy to craft!

It's Done!!!!!!

It's finally done. All the packing up of my son's left-behind stuff, the moving, the painting, the putting-together-Jet cubes, the arranging, it is all done. Finally!! I think I started this project about a month or more ago. I did find lots of items for my room in the green color. After removing the stars and the planets wallpaper borders, I painted the walls in Chilled Mint green over the blue walls of my son's old bedroom. (He graduated college and decided he wasn't moving back home.) The light gray carpet stayed. I packed up a bunch of his stuff and it half-fills the closet. I had some JetMax cubes but I bought several more. Fortunately, Michael's had them on sale lately. I thought I was done with getting them but my hubby suggested the last row since it was dead space without them. : )  

Paper in most of the shelves but a few has paper protectors and Cricut mats. The little mutli-colored stand has stamps and the big green cloth bin has small punches in it. The ribbon and button containers on the top are from hubby's office where they eat lots of pretzels. The bins have stickers, brads, adhesives, rubons and more. I will need to make little tags for everything at some point.

The bookcase has much of the cardstock paper for cardmaking and odd size envelopes. the table is one I had in the basement and carried up. I found the bright tablecloth in Walmart's summer clearance and the green desk chair was in their back-to-school selection. My hubby requested a visitor's chair so he could sit for a bit with me so I brought the white chair up from the basement too. 

The two chests of drawers have 8x8 and 6x6 paper in them plus photos and a few odds and ends. My son even left the stereo so I have music in the room. Of course, he has an ipod but I'm going old-fashioned. My dad built the little shelf unit that I put my Cuttlebug and DreamCutz on. My son's Lego Yoda was too fragile to store so I left him on the corner stand. He's green so he fits the decor. Maybe he will impart great wisdom to me as I craft or he'll just wisely strare at me.

This view looks out into the hallway. Another of my dad's little shelf unit has the Cinch on it. A bookcase of my books about scrapbooking and cardmaking is next to it. 

I cut out the Cricut saying from the

Cricut Lite Cartridge Lovely Floral cartridge

 and stuck it on the wall. It has little yellow stars on it and stickles.

Wreath of green flowers was found at Meijer's and I added the ribbon bow and the metal fairy from Joann's to it.

The little Winnie the Pooh with the honey tree was a item I found at Hobby Lobby. HL called it a table top bird feeder. Hmm, no. It is now a treat jar. Hey, you have to have treats when you craft, right. I'll probably put some mints in it. My hubby said I needed a phone in the room but I couldn't have a TV. (No cable connection in the room anyway.) I have a few more odds and ends to carry up to my new room and find a space for but I'm done!! Hubby thinks that the other room (the tiny den) with scrapbook stuff is going to fit in the new room but hmm, no, it's not. Some of those items might find their way to a donation box to Children's Hospital (if they are still making scrapbooks with the kids). Hey, I got stuff out of 3 rooms into one room.
 I'm doing good!!