Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winnie the Pooh cards

I found a package of Winnie the Pooh die cuts at Joanne's one day. Of course, I used my 40% coupon on it. The package had about 24 die cuts in it. Joanne had other characters such as Charlie Brown and Tinkerbell. I liked the Winnie the Pooh ones the best. They were just so happy looking. I used one or two die cuts per card. Most were used for Birthday cards but a few were missing you cards or thank you cards. I made the Eeyore card sentiment on my computer, using the font Bookworm and colored the font blue. The thank you from the bottom of my heart is a red rubber stamp that I have had for a while so I can't remember where I got it. The hearts were punched out with some scrap paper I had stored away as well as other small pieces like the stripes.

Cool Tools magazine

I bought this magazine Cool Tools for Paper Crafters by Paper Crafts from Hobby Lobby one day. I got out my tools to try out some the techniques in it. I have used many of the techniques as described in the magazine. But, the magazine also inspired me to get out some tools that have been sitting quietly lately.