Monday, March 12, 2012

"What to Scrapbook?"

I ran into a friend the other day. We hadn't seen each for a while due to new jobs, kids are married or at college, and life in general. She chatted about her new grandchildren and what her kids were up to. I gave updates about my kids and their moves. Then I mentioned that I still scrapbook on Friday nights. She asked what I scrapbook now that the kids were gone from home. I was surprised by the question. Am I to only scrapbook kids, and their sports, dances, and other fun? Another friend quizzed me, asking if I was "caught up" with my scrapbooks. She quilts and her fabric stash is a bit bigger than my paper stash and she is still quilting.

While I don't scrapbook my kids' activities as I once did, I still scrapbook. I scrapbook my trips, our holidays, our fun like the night at the hockey game or the weekend at the State Park. I am sure I'll be scrapbooking for my kids again as they marry and finally have their own kids. But for now, I still scrapbook. I still make cards for my friends and family. I still add to my stash of paper, stamps, ink pads, ribbons, and tools. I still love to be in my scrapbook and cut, glue, glitter, sticker for an hour or 3. My hubby still startles me every time he walks in the scrapbook room because I'm so intent on my creating that I don't hear him come in the room. I love to get my Cricut ans cut shapes and letters for my layouts or projects at school.

I love to scrapbook and can't imagine my life without creating layouts, cards, and other crafty things.

I loved this image from as it sums my love of scrapbooking.

Happy Scrapping!

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