Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Cricut Lite cartridges

I treated my college kid, his girlfriend, and his roommate to dinner last night at Red Lobster. Yum! Endless shrimp was great!! Of course, after dinner, I offered to take them to WalMart to get a few groceries and stuff. My son bought a desk chair like my green one in my scraproom but his is red - school colors. I found a couple of things for the shopping cart too. I got 2 new Cricut Lite cartridges - Yee-haw and Love You a Latte. I used my Michael's ad to save $9 on each cart as Michael's has carts on sale this week for $29.99 and WalMart sells theirs for $39.00.
 My Michael's is very slow to get anything new and my WalMart is resetting its scrapbook area again. I was surprised that WalMart wanted the Lite carts because their scrapbook area keeps going smaller and smaller.

YeeHaw just looked fun!! I will HAVE to make some cards for one of my principal as she enjoys saying YeeHaw and Hey, Cowboys and Cowgirls! It is pretty cute.
 I love the barn and the horses on this cart.
 I got home late  last night due to the nighttime road work going on and taking up 2 lanes out of 3. So I don't have the carts uploaded to my Gypsy yet.

I don't drink coffee and couldn't make a cup if I had to. But this was another cart I felt I needed. My girlfriend loves coffee so I'll get some cards made for her  for Christmas. And I'll make my sisters some cards with the tea sayings. Again I just thought the cart looked cute.

 Hopefully the Lites will be easy to assemble. Some of the Lite carts have lots of layers. I do really like the Billionaire and Cherry Limeade fonts.  I have good luck with Billionaire font  welding on my Gypsy.

There is one or 2 new Lites that I am still thinking of getting at some point. Recess would be great for some of my bulletin boards at school.  And I just saw a Cricut contest for the classroom. I'll have to find the rules for that. YeeHaw, that's all for today. 

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