Monday, October 17, 2011

I was busy at my dad's house as he had his cataracts removed. 
I was the eye drop administer for most of 2 weeks. It was fun being home for awhile. Unfortunately, he has no Internet hookup - shoot, he doesn't even have a computer. But now I'm back at my own home and I have been keeping my computer busy.

Ok, this new cart, Kate's ABC, jumped into my shopping cart as I wandered around Joann's this evening. I think it is pretty cute although I have no girls to scrapbook for. I wanted Nate's ABC too but it wasn't at Joann's. Maybe Michaels will have it 
if I go tomorrow. 

I got a few older carts from Menards a few weeks ago. 
They had the carts for only $14.99!!! My hubby actually had gone to Menards and saw them, and called me to ask which ones I wanted. I got  A Child's Year, Tie the Knot, and Stretch Your Imagination at Menards. I had gotten Preserves but
 I had it so I gave it to a friend.

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