Sunday, November 6, 2011

Doing something new for me - Art Display Trays

I made an art display tray for my older son. Archiver's has had these displayed and a contest using them and I finally decided to do one. My scrapbook friend was doing 4 of the white trays for Christmas presents.

 I had taken our dog for a modeling job and got a few of the professionally taken photos. I used the  black 7 Gypsies tray with the multi-sized openings.  I had a bunch of dog-theme embellishments from different places. The dog bone ribbon around the edge and the paw print ribbon are both from Hobby Lobby. I used the professionally taken photos and other snapshots in the tray. The tray was to be a surprise for my son at Christmas but he surprised me by coming home for my birthday and saw me making the tray. He liked it so much that it immediately went in his car to go back to his apt. I barely got any pictures of it.

After I got the first one done, I started a second tray using a different brand. This one has my younger son's kitties he and his girlfriend raised over the summer. I got a bit too much bling on it so I gave it to his girlfriend for her birthday. This tray was by KaiserCraft - Beyond the Page: 12 Frame Photo Display, made of unfinished press boards. I should have painted this frame before using it as the press boards was itchy to work with it. It actually comes in two pieces so you can put the paper under the frame but the tray is a bit bigger than 12" so plan accordingly.

The last thing I did with the professional photos was a frame I had bought at Michael's. The glass got broken as the frame traveled around in the back of my car with my scrapbook supplies. I used Jolee's stickers, dog bone brads, and other doggie embellishments along with the dog bone ribbon from Hobby Lobby on the mat.

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