Friday, December 30, 2011

Sandy's version for Treat Boxes

Sandy’s version of Treat box, using 10 ½ x 6”double sided paper. Make sure your paper is aligned properly so when the cuff is formed, any writing or design is not upside down. Black lines show the size to cut out. Soft gray lines are score and fold lines, at the indicated measurements on template. Red Lines are cut lines. At the top of the paper, fold down 1” so the other side of paper shows, forming a cuff. Slide one side cuff under the other one before you glue along the side as indicated, form the box at the scored lines. Fold up the small cut flaps, then glue the large cut flaps on the small ones. Embellish box as desired and fill with small treats. I did Halloween boxes but you can use any double-sided paper for your own occasion.

Here's the instructions as we made them at the store where I do my cropping.

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