Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Changes Going On

I'm redoing one of my sons' bedroom for my scrapbook room. Hubby didn't like the idea of Cricut green walls. I got a pale green - Chilled Mint - to use instead. I saw a Cricut green rug at Meijer's and curtains too but I want to get the room done before I buy that stuff. I had to pack up a bunch of books and such to move the furniture around from the walls. The closet is now half full of his stuff but the room is empty now. I got the wallpaper borders off the walls and need to go back over it to get the tiny pieces off the walls. I have a few holes to fill but hopefully I can start painting tomorrow. I want to get everything done so I can move my supplies from all the other rooms of the house over the weekend.

I'll post a few cards soon as I have 2 or 3 designs almost done. Plus I need to finish stamping and tucking a box of cards to OWH.

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