Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Shopping 2011

I went Black Friday shopping with my sister and my hubby. We went to Joann's, Michael's, and Bob Evans. We did go to Michael's last night and got several carts plus a free Julibee cart. I got 2 carts for a friend and 3-4 for me. One or 2 more would have jumped in the cart but hubby was watching!

At Joann's, this morning, I got two more carts and the ArtBin for the carts (free with rebate). At Joann's, I picked up Graphically Speaking and  Straight from the Nest. These 2 are older carts but I thought they were cute. The rebate for the ArtBin container asked for the original receipt, and the UPC from the 2 carts and the container, which seemed like a lot of work. But the box will be free after the rebate. The container will be good to take carts to crop that my friends can use while I have them loaded on my Gypsy.


          Cricut Straight from the Nest Shape Cartridge

This morning, we went back to Michaels to get a baby bug for the little sister's niece. We  even got the baby bug shipped to her on the home. Personal shopper and personal shipper.

 I ordered the Cricut plushie from . I had been wanting one but they were out of stock for a while then I had to wait for a sale. Anyway, I finally got a plushie on my way!

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