Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some More New Carts

I walked around Walmart the other day and found these 2 Lites on sale.

I didn't have a baby girl cart so I picked up Sugar and Spice.  I loaded it tonight on my Gypsy and designed the sock monkey for a set of cards. Hopefully, I'll get those cut out on at Friday night's
 Table 7.

I also picked up the Block Party. It has a cute dog and cat that I designed on my Gypsy. The second graders make and sell cards to raise money for local shelter. I will donate the dog and cat die cuts.
I want to get some other items cut out too from this cart. I need to cut the grill for the annual tailgate at the family rivalry football game along with the the hot dog, burgers and other foods. The Walmart didn't have the fast food cart so I think this one will be good for food items.

Speaking of Walmart, have you noticed at not all the Walmarts are carrying the Lite carts anymore?? I think that is a bit ironic since Walmart is the only retailer  carrying the Lite carts. It has been hit or miss which Walmart has carts and which don't. I did see some old full-content carts at Walmarts that they have been trying to sell since forever. Jasmine, etc. The old carts are on clearance but still more than the Lites.

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