Saturday, August 25, 2012

Doing a Happy Dance!!

I'm doing a Happy Dance!! Cricut just released a new cart!! 
I have to have it. 
 It is Cricut Lite Teddy Bear Parade. 
Isn't it  too cute? It looks like the bear is the same little guy but so many little outfits. 
I hope it will have some sayings too but I didn't see any sayings in the promo pictures. 
I showed the cart pictures to my hubby.
 He quickly agreed that I NEEDED this cart. (Isn't he so smart? ) 
I mean I only have about 600 stuffed teddy bears in my house and every year as Media Clerk, 
I talked about teddy bears in the kindergarten and 1st grade classes.

I have really ordered my cart today on 
Since it is a Cricut Lite, I didn't think I would ever it in Walmart around here. 
The Walmart around me are getting rid of the scrapbook area or severely limiting the area.
 I haven't seen any Cricut stuff in the local Walmart in a long time.

A friend had said that Cricut was getting this cart out soon. 
But when I asked Cricut in a email earlier this month, they didn't know anything about a teddy bear cart.
 I had asked Cricut Support so they probably couldn't say if it was in the works or not.

I can't wait to get my new cart!!

 All the cute little teddy bears on the cart! 

                                 Below are a few individual cuts had on their website.

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