Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sketch #130

Sketch #130


Here's the latest OWH sketch. I don't have a card made yet with this sketch as I have been traveling to Vermont and back for a week. I plan to use the Riley parade stamp and bunting. I had tried to put a new post on this blog but the wilds of Vermont doesn't like new technology. The WiFi worked but it won't allow me to post. Of course, my cell phone rarely got a signal when I was in VT, ME, and NH, much to the hubby's chagrin.

The younger siblings had a milestone birthday and the siblings minus one were there to celebrate. Then my older sister and I stayed a bit longer and toured around a bit, traveling up to Maine and New Hampshire. Our hubbies are both happy we are finally home. My older sister and I visited 2-3 quilt stores, buying fabrics for some future quilts or her stash. Unfortunately, I didn't find any scrapbook stores, having to buy some items on sale at WalMart and Joann's. I believe that the bigger stores have carried scrapbook supplies till finally the LSS went out, now the bigger stores are clearancing more of their scrapbook areas. grrrr. It is hard to find papers of places or milestones at the bigger stores. They have to carry the same things in every store. However, I did just place an order for a variety of travel papers online, as I couldn't find any VT, ME, NH, and NY papers/stickers around here. I love to go to a LSS in Michigan but I am done traveling for about a week. If you are in the Detroit area, stop by Scrappy Chic in Livonia, which is a great store with a wonderful travel section. I should go down to Red Letter Journals in Grove City as it is one of the last LSS in the area and it used to have a great travel section too. Hmm, maybe on Monday.

I'll be back later with a card using the latest sketch. Hopefully, before OWH posts another sketch.

Thanks for stopping by. Later.

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