Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's a lazy Sunday

My son and his girlfriend came over for lunch of grilled burgers and brats, potato salad, and more plus bite size brownies. Yum. We are watching a bit of the Games and the Brickyard.

I did get a call from Easton Archiver's store manager a bit ago. My page at Archiver's is one of the store's 3 finalists and the manager called to say she was packing it up to go to ScrapFest, which is Sept. 14-16!! Yeah!! At the home office, they'll pick a winner from the store's 3 finalists and then they'll pick a winner from the top winners of all the stores. I'm just excited that my page got picked!! Since I have been out of town a while, I didn't see the other entries at Easton Archiver's.

Sketch #131

I am running behind due to my vacation so I don't have a card for this new sketch #131 or last week's #130. MUST WORK faster this week!! Here's this week's sketch #131. Plus I have to stamp and tuck my box of cards for the card drive and school is starting way toooooo soooon.

Thanks for stopping by. Later.

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