Sunday, February 24, 2013

OWH Virtual Card Making Party Challenge #1

I was visiting my sister when OWH had Virtual Card Making Party (VCMP) was going on so I didn't have a chance to make any cards that weekend. And it was crazy this week so I had to wait till Friday night at Table 7 to make the Challenge cards. I had a lofty goal of making 10 cards for each of the 10 challenges but I couldn't complete that goal. I did get 6 of the 10 Challenges done that night and 12 cards for each challenges to boot!

 I'm finally posting the cards today. My hubby had a birthday yesterday so we celebrated with dinner out. So no time for cardmaking yesterday.

 I copied a description of each Challenge to a word document for the evening at Table 7 and I'll add that description to each card Challenge's post.

Challenge 1: My challenge for you is to make cards using Zig Zag elements (or more properly known as Chevrons).  There's many ways to spice up your cards with chevrons  - Stamps, Scissors, Rulers, or even Paper.

This first Challenge was using Chevrons, which I don't use a lot, so I wasn't sure what I would come up with. After wandering around Archiver's for a bit and looking at some of the new items from the latest CHA, I purchased one sheet of Doodlebug's Take Note Chevron paper and the little stickers too. 

The paper was double-sided so I used the strip left over from cutting my 6 bases to put the sticker on. I cut out cupcakes from some paper I purchased at Michael's. I added a few jewels. I used different stickers on the cards so a couple say "Thinking of you" and Heart You.

 Later in the evening, I won a prize at Archiver's and the prize was 5 sheets of paper, a package of jewels, a roll of washi tape and a pad of album insets of the new Doodlebug line Take Note!! So I was able to make 12 of the cards!

My Prize from Archiver's ScrapMania on Friday night!

Thanks for stopping by today. I'll be posting more of my Challenge cards soon.

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