Sunday, April 7, 2013

National Craft Month - March 28- Treat Thursday Family version

The brother and sisters had been teasing me about Treat Thursdays. So I baked cookies on Thursday just for them. Sugar Cookies for the sister and Chocolate Chip Cookies with walnuts. They loved them! The sister quickly claimed her sugar cookies and the brother put some of the Chocolate Chip Cookies in his freezer. We did have to stop at the grocery store for the ingredients I use regularly and weren't in his pantry.  Here's my favorite  Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and it uses butter Crisco. I add a bit more flour to keep the cookies softer. By following the recipe, you can bake the cookies so they are crisper.
 It is from Crisco's website. Chocolate Chip Cookies
The Sugar Cookies are a family favorite and it is not on the net yet. I'll have to find my copy and post it later.  My sister had her husband scan her copy so we could have it at my brother's house. 
Isn't technology great??

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