Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Big Change at Archiver's

Archiver's has been working for weeks on their new Memory Lab, which seems like a good idea for a place called Archiver's. I think there have been lots of people looking to print photos so they can also get the right stuff to store the photos safely. And there is not a place in Easton to get print developed (Walmart is across the road and so is Target). But the Lab also doesn't seem to really belong in Archiver's because most scrapbookers (that I notice on ScrapMania nights) get their photos developed by Shutterfly or Snapfish. Hopefully, Archiver's will have a good price on the Lab development. Their photo copying of 12x12" pages and the Sony and Kodak photo machines' photo development are rather expensive.

 The store have been using one of the restrooms for a storage closet as they rearranged the store for the new Lab. That has been a pain during the full house ScrapManias, especially the week the open restroom wasn't working.  They discontinued the Sony photo machine and the Kodak Picture Maker, though the machines are still in the store. They had to move practically all the items in the store to empty one of the display bays. They had a training session the other night but I heard the trainer was running late so
 I'm not sure the session went as planned.

On Friday night, one of the new croppers was trying to use the new Memory Lab. 
But the new Lab wasn't working right. The lady had forgotten her photos and was trying to print some so she had something to work on. But the Lab wasn't working and the Sony and Kodak machines were not available either.

Here's a couple of pictures of the Memory Lab. It took over the area where wedding and birthday items used to be and a lot of racks of paper. The moving of all the items has made the store a bit crowded and you can't find stuff. The Lab seems like a lot of space for what little equipment is really in the area. It looks like a photo area for Walgreen's or Walmart.  It seems like the area is missing a big table in the middle of the empty space. I don't know what I was expecting for the Lab but I'm not sure this was it. I didn't explore the area as they were having a glitch in it. I was surprised that we didn't get a coupon when we signed in for the ScrapMania.

Hopefully, next week, the new Memory Lab will be working better and I get a better look at it all. I'll let you know next week.

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