Sunday, April 7, 2013

National Craft Month - March 25 - LEGO's

It is Monday and it is snowing/raining/snowing so we headed to the Mall for a day inside on our Spring Break Road Trip.  The Mall had a LEGO store. I used to buy lots of LEGO's for my sons but they are older now and don't play LEGO's anymore. This set was a special spring set and I had to buy it. The cherry blossoms weren't quite ready to bloom in DC so we didn't make the trip up there on the Spring Break Road Trip. I really loved the cherry tree in this set so I had to buy it. My sister laughed when she passed the bedroom I was staying in and see saw all the pieces on the bed. It was fun and easy to put together. The completed set made it home without breaking and sits on display in my kitchen. A bit of spring till my spring flowers bloom.

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