Sunday, June 3, 2012

Scrapbook Journaling Made Easy

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Review of Scrapbook Journaling Made Easy
    I checked this oldie but goodie book out from the public library. It is an older book, published Sept. 2002, so the layouts were simpler and plainer than many layouts seen in 2012's current magazines and books. The book was written by the Editors of Memory Makers, whose magazine ceased years ago. The book presents many ways to journal such as by ink or computer, simple paragraphs and sentences to comic book style or newspaper columns.

      I usually journal on my layouts, even if it is just date, location, and names. Some of my journaling is too big for my layouts so I attach it to the back of the layouts. I try to leave some space for journaling as I make the layouts and then add the journaling  later before I slide the layout in the album. Many times, my journal blocks are not quite big enough for all the journaling I want to add. In this case, I print the journaling on my computer, using a text box and the smallest font size as is readable. I try to handwrite journals but I do use a lot of computer-written ones too.  My scrapbook buddies hate to journal but they like to add titles to their layouts and I may or may not use a title.

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