Sunday, March 10, 2013

National Craft Month - Fri. 3/8 and 3/9

Amazing how life goes along and you have nothing to do and then bam! you have too many things to get done and definitely not enough time. Friday and Saturday flew by without a crafty post so today's post will have to do.

Friday was scrapbook night at Archiver's with Table 7. Archiver's was quite busy that night. Most Fridays lately, we could push 2 tables together and have a half table each. But Friday night there was a full house so we had to remember how to use our 1/4 of a table. I stamped a bunch of images - the new girlfriends stamps by AI and some new Riley stamps from one of the $1 sale Stamper's Ink had in Feb.

Saturday morning, my Hubby helped me with a couple of my white storage cubes. One of the cubes was bowing and so the shelves were falling down. The cubes need to be tightly arranged next to each other to help the framing. Then we discovered that while the various store brands' cubes are probably manufactured by the same company, the cubes do not always line up right. We could not get two cubes to hook together with the white posts. Finally we set up six cubes closer to the wall and left a space between the new ones and the old ones. Then we added wooden shims in the gap. This is not an attractive way to fix my storage but we'll see if the shims help before I paint the shims or change to a big board. The shims are keeping the cubes straighter so that is the good news. I do need to rearrange some items and I'm not sure about the drawer units at the top but it is all good for now. I do need to do some purging and that would help quite a bit. I do have the biggest part of my supplies in my scrapbook room now, instead of the items being in the kitchen or the TV room. I keep a small basket of images to color in the TV room so while Hubby is flipping the channels, I can color. Happily!

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